A Passionate Team Doing it Right

iMARK is a company that was built to solve problems for customers. We have grown since the year 2000 to realize a dream of a plastic injection molding firm with technological and process expertise combined with a good old Midwestern work ethic that doesn’t let a job go unfinished.


Founded by Mark Sturtevant in 2000, iMARK is a privately held company and Mark’s second plastic injection molding company. While his first company was successful, he decided the industry needed a company with a better approach and commitment to facilities, employees, and to the customer. That vision became iMARK.

We try not to be just order takers, but to solve and eliminate customer problems by continuously raising the bar of injection molding performance. Most companies in our space know the best practices, but don’t always stick to them or deliver on their promises. We strongly believe in keeping our promises to do a job the right way no matter what so that your project can be a long-term success.

Our proven process encourages early-involvement and a fully-integrated solution so that products are designed without defects and manufacturing processes will not fail in production. Our team will push the boundaries of technology to build creative solutions and create a method that works for our customer’s best interest.

We have a lot of horsepower and we can do anything. We want to make a good product 100% of the time

Mark Sturtevant, Owner/CEO


Like any organization, our capabilities are dependent on our capacity, and our company is committed to growth within both areas. Over time we have continued to invest in our facility, our technology, and our employees so that we can better accommodate the needs of our customers. Here is a breakdown of that approach and how our company has been structured in each area.


We have a team of engineers, technicians, process engineers, and manufacturing experts who have been hired for their experience and diligent commitment to success. To help our team stay ahead of the industry, each of our employees is continuously offered training opportunities so their skills stay sharp.

Our engineers are relentless, optimistic, honest, judicious, and agile when working on projects and deliver tangible value with a commitment to transparency in our techniques and findings. Plastic injection molding is a precise industry if nothing else, so each of our team members wants to do things the right way every time.

Mark Sturtevant

Comar Strategic Advisor

Greg Fischer

Vice President, Sales

Steve Schmidt

Plant Manager

Mike Langstrom

Production Supervisor




We feel that our facility is groundbreaking within the plastic injection molding industry. Designed strategically for our business, we have state-of-the-art units in our building dedicated to design, testing, and manufacturing, not to mention our ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 Cleanrooms for jobs with demanding regulations.

Established when our company was built and located centrally in the USA, our building is environmentally controlled for acoustics, lighting, and temperature and designed for expansion. Just 40 minutes East of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, our facility can provide logistical benefits that offshoring cannot.

Touring our facility will give you all the evidence you need that iMARK is the injection molding vendor who can handle your project. We invite you to Wisconsin to meet us!