Managing Manufacturing with Data

Making Data Work for You

To complete a successful injection molding project, communicating data is necessary for both our internal and customer teams. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process that tracks activity and compiles data throughout an organization so that the company can make better decisions, become more successful, and build better products. At iMARK, we use an ERP across our entire facility to be sure that schedules are met, materials are in supply, products are built right, and our customers save money.

Through each of our processes, we record data that validates assumptions and provides insight to conduct high performing injection molding projects. Our ERP also allows us to share detailed reports in an automated way throughout production and testing with customers like you throughout product development and manufacturing so they are always in the know about their project.


Data is more important in business than ever, and has proven especially important in our industry. At iMARK, we will work with you to integrate quality testing equipment into the ERP software to provide the most relevant data specific to your industry, such as lot traceability, and business needs.

Capable of integration with Kanban and vendor managed inventory (VMI) systems as well, iMARK commonly uses ERP software to manage the following systems:

Achieving this level of insight into the manufacturing process allows for adjustments to be made as necessary, and can help prevent defects altogether. Real time inventory helps manage product availability and allows for the impact of sales trends so that we are able to scale production to grow along with the customer.

ERP Excellence Awarded

iMARK utilizes IQMS ERP software, which is one of the top resources helping organizations worldwide with their data needs. In 2014, IQMS awarded iMARK with the IQMS Manufacturing Success Award to recognize iMARK’s use of the software to enhance all business services.

“The IQMS Manufacturing Success Awards recognize operational excellence and leadership in user companies and their employees. The awards highlight progressive manufacturers with recognition in the industry and amongst their peers.”

IQMS Manufacturing ERP

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