Not Perfect, But Committed to the Pursuit

If we do it, we take pride in striving to be the best at it. We often say that we are not perfect, but we are committed to the pursuit. This means that we continuously strive to find opportunities to improve our injection molding processes, process development, and validation. With specialties that aid the work of companies in industries like medical devices and pharmaceuticals, where precision and consistency are key, we work to improve our skills in areas that our customers will never think of so their end product is better.

iMARK’s engineers have expertise in a variety of specific molding techniques and other applications that help us create great products. Here are some of our specialties that you may need in your next injection molding project.

Molding Types

Whether you have a specific plastic injection molding solution identified already or you need help identifying the best possible solution, our engineers are able to execute the best solution for your needs.

Some molding types that we use include:

Specialized Services

Our team can engage with your project from idea through production and anywhere in between. Beyond injection molding, we can provide validation, analysis, and other services in several areas.

Some of our most used specialized services include:


Our engineers are regularly trained to be experts in the latest procedural and equipment best practices. We also invest heavily to maintain the latest machinery the market has to offer so you can get the best injection molding engineering services all under our roof.

Here are our most popular engineering services:

Quality System

The fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) we use in our facility tracks every step of testing and production. We use this system to optimize the production of a product and keep customers involved in the process throughout.

Here are some elements of our system:

Controlled Environment

We take compliance as seriously as you do, knowing that a mistake could have significant financial implications. iMARK operates as a controlled environment to ensure the highest quality production. In addition to an acoustically controlled production environment, we practice plant-wide temperature and humidity control to reduce the risk of environmental impact on production.

We practice the 5S methodology of lean manufacturing to help ensure we produce the highest quality product as efficiently as possible. This methodology requires dynamic and efficient facility design with a place for every tool, machine, and person.

If you are ready to meet with iMARK, contact one of our engineers and learn how to get started with our company.