The Technology to Build it Right

Impressive technologies are most powerful when used by trained hands. Our hands are extensively trained to maximize technology to produce better injection molded parts and products. We continuously invest in plastic injection molding technology that raises the bar for the industry, putting our company in a unique position as a leader in both technology and expertise.

Our work follows the 5S manufacturing methodology to maximize efficiency and minimize waste or mistakes, so all of our technology is used for its optimal purpose and is fine tuned for maximum capability. Here is more about the special technology we have in our facility to help your projects be more successful.


Cavity pressure monitoring is a technology used to detect defects and ensure only the highest-quality, most-accurate products are manufactured. Important for use in the medical device industry, this technology has additional applications as well.

As a representation of excellence in using technology and skill in our scientific molding process, iMARK is proud to be an RJG Training Excellence Award winner. Gaining a master molder certification from RJG has been a consistent goal for our technicians and is expected for them to properly operate our equipment.


iMARK proudly features a state-of-the-art metrology laboratory to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy from manufactured products. Employees are trained to learn available technologies inside & out to be used to their maximum capability.

We use top of the line metrology equipment such as:

Use of these technologies allows for the fastest, most efficient, accurate data collection, and statistical analysis in executing validation protocol and in-process capability. This technology results in very low defects in parts per million (PPM) and helps identify the true capability of resin and dimensional part tolerances. Statistical reporting, statistically accurate capability analysis, and a statistically accurate mold development process helps to minimize problems. Minimal problems for us mean risk mitigation for our customers.



Staying up to date on the latest certifications and maintaining compliance with technology is extremely important, especially in regard to medical products and other highly regulated industries. iMARK is passionate about the details and maintains the certifications necessary to manufacture quality, compliant products.

ISO is an independent international organization that develops market-based certifications to support innovation and solutions to global challenges.

iMARK’s up-to-date ISO Certifications:



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