Surpassing Expectations of the Most Demanding Customers

A commitment to excellence in the plastic injection molding business requires never settling for ‘good enough’ and always pushing for perfection. Creating products that help keep people happy and healthy is a never an easy task, yet when life science products are built right, they can be life-changing.

At iMARK, we believe in early involvement; or putting work in at the beginning of an engagement to validate design and process before beginning manufacturing. With ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 Cleanrooms and a state-of-the-art facility, we are able to meet or even exceed industry standards required to manufacture the highest quality molded parts and products. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of the most demanding and highly regulated industries. Our capabilities and processes align similarly to the regulated industries we serve so that our customers will not experience production disruptions and can save costs in the long run. See how we work to serve the interests of your industry.

Life Science

To cater to the production specifications and disparate needs of medical implants, pharmaceutical research technology, and everyday medical components, a plastic injection molding vendor must be able to operate above the standard of the industry. With a history of serving Fortune 500 companies at the top of the medical device industry, that is the mandate we are committed to at iMARK.

Medical Device Specialties

Since we were founded, we have supported medical device injection molding OEMs within multiple categories as well as product development and manufacturing for drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and biotech/bioscience. We’ve developed critical instrumentation as well as high-volume disposable components at a scale and quality that creates value and lowers risk for our customers.

For medical devices we have served the needs of companies in the surgical, vascular/endovascular, orthopedic, dental, and cardiovascular categories. In each case and for every customer, our testing and process protocols are a difference maker that helps get products approved and in market faster.


By combating persistent quality concerns with offshored production, iMARK helped this customer drastically reduce costs and eliminate defects.

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The advanced production capabilities at iMARK helped this customer transform their process by using automation on a multi-cavity part in a way that other vendors couldn’t match.

Meeting Regulatory Specifications

By making molding and assembly available inside our ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 Cleanrooms and with the ability to use BPA free materials, including Tritan™ from Eastman Chemical, we uphold cleanliness and cosmetic standards with ease. With our stringent iVANTAGE process, we produce defect-free parts at a high volume so your costs go down and quality goes up.

With decoupled molding and cavity pressure monitoring technology, we produce with a tight tolerance capability and can fully automate production for critical components. The advanced capacity we provide makes it so you don’t have to venture offshore and can maintain the integrity of production on US soil.

If you are ready to meet with iMARK, contact one of our engineers and learn how to get started with our company.