Injection Molding Done the Right Way

When it’s time to find an injection molding partner, you need someone who won’t just tell you “we can do that”. To build the best parts and products for your company, you need a partner who will tell you “we should do this, and this is why”. iMARK is well qualified to be a partner at any stage of the injection molding process, but our customers get the most value from our services when they engage us early on in their development.

Our fully-integrated solution includes a disciplined process called iVANTAGE, which uses the latest technology and an inquisitive mind-set to be sure that when your part goes into production, it’s built right. In our industry, a company cannot succeed unless they pay attention to the small details of design, testing, and manufacturing, so we make a focus on details our obsession. Taking this approach ensures that the lifecycle of any engagement with our team will give you what you expect and more at every stage of the process.


A commitment to success and our stubborn nature means that when we start with a project we must do it right. By starting early-on in an injection molding project with a customer, we are able to make the most of our technology and expertise, however that’s not all we can do.

If you have problems with delivery, quality, costs, or just discovery, our team will work with you to provide analysis and insights that can prove illuminating to those who’ve worked with other injection molding partners. Every vendor you consider will tell you they have the best people and they have the best facility, but we invite you to visit us on-site and check us out first-hand.


iMARK has no problem spending money to train its people to do things right the first time and to make sure it’s done right every time. For the customer.

Troy Olson, Sample Technician


When you begin a partnership with iMARK you will have access to a scientific approach to injection molding that maximizes build quality and manufacturing capacity while keeping production costs low and design on track.

We truly differentiate ourselves after materials, budget, and design are determined, and we enter our process development and validation stages. This is where we work through scientific testing to be sure that each production step will result in a product that will endure through the lifecycle your business requires. We consider every input from tool wear to weather that your part will encounter so that you will be fully satisfied with the result.