Working with us — Manufacturing Process

Trust the Process that Works

iMARK is a plastic injection molding company that sets the bar for process engineering higher than anyone else in the industry, and we just keep raising it. When you need a solution that is fully-integrated and will create long-term production efficiencies in a product with the highest quality, you should come to us.

We continuously invest in technology and training to be sure that our methods are capable of producing the best products available. This allows us to mitigate risk, maintain quality, lower lifetime cost, and reliably predict production and delivery schedules. Here is the manufacturing process that makes it happen.

Ready for a Tour?

Our plastic injection molding manufacturing process is completely customized to the needs of your issue. Our team will keep you as informed as you want to be during process development and manufacturing so you can maintain transparency and inform your internal teams of progress. If you think we may be a capable partner for your business, please contact one of our engineers to discuss your project and schedule a tour of our facility.